Trianel Windpark Borkum

Period: August 2012–December 2013

Scope of services:

  • Storage of 40 WTG's (Nacelle + Hub, S3, S2, S1 and Blades)
  • Maintenance works and preassembly of components
  • Upending of tower sections
  • Dismantling of transport frames and assembly of storage frames for blades
  • Provision of further handling Equipment

Global Tech One 

Period: July–November 2013

Scope of services:

  • Tripod handling
  • Provision of Jack-Up location at OBT
  • Assistance of handling operations with LHM 600
  • Provision of personnel for operations

East Anglia 

Period: July–September 2013

Scope of services:

  • Assembling of East Anglia Met Mast on own terminal facility
  • Use of own terminal equipment for customized lifting operations
  • Discharging and upending of TP's