Optimum accessibility due to trimodal connection

In the north of the Netherlands, only a few kilometres from the German border, Buss Terminal Eemshaven is located, right at the estuary of the Ems. This puts it in close proximity to many projected and approved wind farms in the North Sea.

Buss Terminal Eemshaven has a great location and optimal infrastructure. Due to the fast access to the open sea, it requires a minimal estuary ride. On the land side, the terminal is directly connected to the rail network and to the Dutch national roads. Thus, we offer excellent accessibility across all three relevant modes of transport.


Access to the European inland waterway system to Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Vienna, Basel and the Ruhr area via Emskanal.


  • Connection via the N46 to the A31 in the direction of the Ruhr area
  • Connection via the A28 to Rotterdam, Benelux, France


  • Connection to the marshalling yard Onnen
  • Connection to the European rail network